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Did a preview/interview for, and it’s here:


Missed this before the break, but the excellent online thinking man’s videogame magazine, The Escapist, posted a quick write-up about the book, and I’ll pick out one specific–and very short–piece of the review: “a gem.”

That is all!

Read the full thing at:

Brooks Brown, EiC of, quizzed me about the book, where it came from, and some of the best stories, and posted the interview on this site. I mean, Awesome billing on the page. Cool coverage. I mean, Incredible.

I’m just going to post this press release as-is since it provides all the information you need on getting more background and content for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed¬†after the jump.


Since Hallmark probably has all the other “holidays” sown up, someone, somewhere decided there should be a National Talk Like a Pirate Day. In celebration, MSNBC did a brief throwaway piece on the Top 5 Pirates in videogames. Monkey Island’s Guybrush Threepwood (starring as part of the lenticular cover of the book!) made the cut.

Way to go, Guybrush, er, aargh. Etc.