You’re visiting The Rob Room, the room (you might say pit, war zone, mess, hub of creativity…) blog home of Rob Smith.

By day I’m Editor-in-Chief of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, published by Future U.S. I’ve been a videogame magazine editor for 15 years, starting in 1993 for a company called Europress Interactive in the UK, on a magazine called GB Action. GB? That’s Nintendo’s GameBoy. My first on-staff assignment was to review Ocean’s Dennis.

I worked on several magazines in the UK, including PC Home, business app mag PC Today, Super Action, CD Powerplay, and CD Now (back when that whole CD thing was still considered new and edgy!)

I spent seven weeks in 1995 working with the U.S. Gamepro team while our company launched SonyPro, a magazine timed with the launch of the original PlayStation in the UK. I was tasked with getting exclusives and working our American angle to get the scoop on stories that we expected would go to Future UK’s Official PlayStation magazine. Whatever the results, it was great experience for me, and led to my making good friends who then told me of a new opportunity when IDG U.S.’s electronic entertainment magazine, PC Entertainment, was morphing to become PC Games. They needed PC game experts, and not only had I worked in the field for a couple of years, I was also in charge of producing cover-mount CDs of demos, which was an area IDG needed to get into, fast.

One call led to another, and in June 1996 I packed my bags and moved to San Francisco.

After two years with PC Games at IDG I left to join Imagine Media as the Executive Editor on the launch of PC Accelerator magazine. Then, in February 2000, I got my dream job at the time as Editor-in-Chief of  market-leading flagship magazine, PC Gamer. I moved on to head up Official Xbox Magazine before moving “upstairs” to take on publishing duties on OXM, PC Gamer, and Maximum PC.

In February 2007 I returned to my editorial roots to take over PSM, overseeing the transition from an independent magazine as we morphed into PlayStation: The Official Magazine. It’s a magazine that’s evolving, growing, and successfully representing the transition from PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3 (and PSP, and PlayStation Network) gaming.


2 Responses to “The Rob Room”

  1. Seth Gent Says:

    Way to go big fella!

  2. Rob Smith Says:

    Blast from the past! Thanks… and how the hell are you?

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