Since the book shipped just before the holidays, and a number of people have stopped me to say “Hey, I got your book for Christmas!” If that’s the case, thanks for either adding it to your Wish List, or to your friend/family member who thought you might like it. In that spirit, reviews have started appearing on Amazon, generally positive.

To address the 1 star commentary, at least he states that if the price were cheaper the content would be worth a few more stars! Related to that, a couple of other reviews have appeared at respected online videogame sites. One very thorough study at Adventure Gamers —,962/ — comments on the lack of detail in the book about several games. It’s a fair comment that I didn’t delve into the minutae of every game. There simply wasn’t the space in the spec that we sketched out for what we thought the book should be. By the same token, I hoped that the balance of commentary on the numerous games reflected the overall direction of the company. I believe it did that, and if the balance was perceived to fall away from the classic adventure games towards Star Wars universe games, then I think it was an accurate macro level portrayal of the company’s progress.

Anyway, if you have read the book at all, would love to see your reviews and comments. All of them!