November 2008

The fine folks at Chronicle Books are throwing a shindig to celebrate the release of the book on Thursday December 4th. It’s an opportunity to buy a copy of the book (with 20% discount) before it goes on sale in stores. It will be held at the Chronicle offices in downtown San Francisco, so if you’re in the Bay Area, you’re invited.

Come play some of the games, hang with some of the folks involved (including me), and I’m promised there will be beer!

For the full invite, check out the details at:

See you there


Here’s a review I was nervously anticipating; Mixnmojo is the ultimate online source of LucasArts information (and also updates on the gaming activities of folks who have moved on from the company). It’s a truly great site that has supported LucasArts, enjoyed the glory days, and hollered at the disappointing decisions. So what their reviewer, who runs the site, had to say was going to mean a lot… Here’s the review:

Chris Morris, long-time “serious” journalist, formerly of CNN, and now at has added a column to his gaming coverage on the site (Game On) called Extended Play.

The inaugral story of this new section is a review of the book, and you can find it here:

Ten years since Grim Fandango was released? Say it ain’t so! Well, it is, and in celebration, Tim Schafer released the game’s design doc on his new company web site,

If you want to get an idea of the thought process (and for a thoroughly entertaining read in its own right), check out this link:

When you’ve been reviewing videogames as long as I have, to have the tables turned and my product released into the wild for review… well, it’s terrifying. Anyway, the first review has hit. It’s written by Troy Goodfellow, a regular contributor to Crispy Gamer ( a real up-and-coming videogame site that takes its game coverage seriously.

Anyway, here’s the link: